Drawing: Explore and Expand

Made with, and for people with visual impairment 

Suitable for age 11+ (visually impaired and sighted people) 

‘Drawing: Explore and Expand’, devised by Louise K Fraser and visually impaired artists Anne Dignan, Kasia Jakimczuk and Alan McIntyre, is Edinburgh Art Festival’s first ‘DIY Art – Home Creativity Kit’ made with, and for, people with visual impairment.  

Together the artists worked through how materials and new techniques could be explored by visually impaired people in a home creativity kit. ‘Drawing: Explore and Expand’ through three building blocks, supports building confidence in materials, style, composition and ideas.  

The ‘Drawing: Explore and Expand’ – Home Creativity Kit is available to download in PDF, Pages and Microsoft Word. We recommend where possible downloading as a PDF.

Supported by RS Macdonald Charitable Trust, with special thanks to Institut français d’Écosse.