View of underside of bridge on the Union Canal.

Hannan Jones: Surface bounce and cycles

Zoom recorder lies next to canal
Hannan Jones, Union Canal, 2022. Photograph courtesy of the artist.

Hannan Jones, born in Mandjoogoordap on Binjareb Noongar Boodja, Western Australia, is an artist, musician, and programmer working in Glasgow. Jones has programmed alongside Dardishi Film Festival 2021 in Glasgow and as an Associate at Open School East, Margate (2020-21).

For Channels, Jones’s work Surface bounce and cycles explores what is underneath the Union Canal – its edges, its depths, the mirage of animals and objects which float under its waters. Primarily centred around sound, the artist’s work employs listening as a means of exploring multiplicity. Through collecting sounds from along the canal – both under and above the water – this work allows listeners to move through the riverbed of the canal, reassessing their understanding of the natural world’s relationship to the human world. The work is sited around Harrison Road Bridge and Ashley Terrace Road Bridge. Locate the work here.