Leith Launches

Join us for an afternoon of back-to-back launch events from our Leith-based Partner Galleries. Travel from the Travelling Gallery’s Leith Library stop, across the road to Sierra Metro, through to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, and finally along to Sett Studios.

2pm—4pm: Travelling Gallery at Leith Library
28 – 30 Ferry Rd, EH6 4AE
Where We Stand: Partnered with Community Land Scotland, Where We Stand will tell the stories and achievements of the pioneers of community ownership, a movement that has transformed Scotland.

4pm—6pm: Sierra Metro
13–15 Ferry Rd, EH6 4AD
Flannery O’kafka: For Willy Love and Booker T:
Blue babies do whatever they want:
Flannery O’kafka transforms Sierra Metro into a small soft space to land in brutal times, using film, photographs, and installation in a a soft subversion of gender performance, respectability, and the picturing of disability. 

6pm—8pm: Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
21 Hawthornvale, EH6 4JT
Sequoia Danielle Barnes: Everything Is Satisfactual: Through an Afro-surreal retelling of Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby, this new body of work unravels how the consumption of cuteness perpetuates oppression and marginalisation including racialisation, infantilism, misogyny and brutality.

8pm—10pm: Sett Studios
127 Leith Walk, EH6 8NP
Rory Dixon: Heavy without it II: A vibrantly flamboyant solo exhibition by Sett Studios’ youngest and brightest: the walking masterpiece that is Rory Dixon, aka DJ Dynamite. A member of KMAdotcom collective, Rory Dixon wears his art on his sleeves.

Date & Time

Saturday 10 August


Ticket Information

Drop-In, Free

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