Chizu Anucha: Slump, subside and other farewells


Chizu Anucha presents an audio work and video documentation of a live performance combining archive materials and original music.

The piece builds a collective imagination of a utopian future by tuning into the temporal resonances of the many black abolitionists that visited Edinburgh in the 19th century. What would a future they dreamed of sound like? Particular attention is given to abolitionists Ellen and William Craft. Ellen Craft assumed male attire and passed as a white slaveholder travelling with her enslaved servant, her disguised husband, William Craft. For Anucha the work attempts to capture ‘a feeling of not seeing an end but somehow trying to manifest an outcome. I was trying to offset the feeling of being suspended in a sinking place by envisioning something more tangible that could pull me out of it.’

Anucha believes in the transformative role of music and performance, and its function in assessing our emotional landscapes. He addresses the tensions inherent in the publicness of the Black body, and aims to create a sonic space that can be used to meditate on questions that surround the navigation of imperial institutions as a Black person, and disguise as a method of survival.

Iain Stott – Musical Collaborator

Supported by the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund and EventScotland. Our Commissions Programme is kindly supported by the Patrons of our Commissioning Circle.

Chizu Anucha: Slump, subside and other farewells


Chizu Anucha



Opening times

29 July – 29 August



Associate Artist Programme

We are delighted to collaborate with artist, film-maker and programmer Tako Taal, to present a series of artists’ projects for the 2021 commissions programme.

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