Janice Parker stands on canal with hands in the air.

Associate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey

Union Canal

Artist and programmer Emmie McLuskey brings together a series of newly commissioned works for public sites along the Union Canal by Hannan Jones, Janice Parker, Maeve Redmond and Amanda Thomson. Accompanying these works is an online radio and print project entitled Background Noise, featuring local and international contributions.

Collaboration is central to McLuskey’s work – often starting with a shared question, observation or context which is explored more deeply through her practice. Responding to the festival’s invitation to reflect on the geographies of the Union Canal between Lochrin Basin and Wester Hailes, McLuskey has worked alongside the invited artists to raise questions around water, trade, technology, land, environment and their intersections with capitalism.

Emmie McLuskey is an artist based in Glasgow. Recent highlights include work with Collective, Edinburgh (2022) ATLAS Arts, Isle of Skye (2021/22), Talbot Rice Residents Programme, Edinburgh (2021-23), ARCUS Project, Japan (2020), Artist’s Moving Image Festival, Tramway with LUX Scotland (2019), Sissi Club, Marseille (2019) and Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst, Switzerland (2019).

Commissioned work will take place along The Union Canal. 

Supported by the Scottish Government’s Festivals EXPO Fund and EventScotland.

Hannan Jones

Hannan Jones is an artist, musician and programmer who lives and works in Glasgow. Jones’ work explores language, rhythm and origin in response to cultural and social migration through sound, installation, film and performance. As part of the festival, Jones has created work that exists at the edge, and in between, the bridges and waters of the canal. Her works honours the act of listening as a way of exploring ideas of duality and meeting points, the sound responding to the material qualities of the site.

Janice Parker

Janice Parker lives in Edinburgh and is a dance artist and choreographer who works collaboratively with people, place and context. Parker’s work explores a deep connection between land and body aiming to expand our human capacity for expressive movement as a language. From mid-August, she will move her ongoing daily live practice to the Canal. Beginning at Lochrin Basin, creating one solo work per day, through chance encounters, improvisation and misrule, to experience the life of the canal and look to its future.

Maeve Redmond

Maeve Redmond is an independent graphic designer based in Glasgow. Redmond’s research led practice ordinarily begins in the archive and is shaped and responsive to place, thinking through the socio-historical context to create a graphic response. For the festival, Redmond has worked with local sign-writing company Journeyman Signs to create a new piece titled The Mathematical River taking its lead from the history of the canal’s trade and transport.

Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson is a visual artist and writer who lives and works in Strathspey in the Scottish Highlands and in Glasgow. Amanda Thomson’s interdisciplinary work often concerns notions of home, movement, migration, landscapes, the natural world and how places come to be made. Thomson’s commission starts with specific aspects of the canal’s flora and fauna as a way of navigating its rich social and natural history. The work will interweave language, people and place, movements and migrations, past and present.

Background Noise

Background Noise is an ongoing sound and print project by Emmie McLuskey. For this iteration, it takes the form of a radio station that sits alongside the commissions and responds to ideas emerging from the programme.

With contributions from local and international artists, thinkers, makers and activists, the station exists as a series of interviews, conversations, sound, story and music, bringing together those with a deep interest in the canal and the conversations it raises.

The project can be accessed online through our website, and in print through the festival’s partner venues.

Associate Artist Programme curated by Emmie McLuskey


Emmie McLuskey, Hannan Jones, Janice Parker, Maeve Redmond and Amanda Thomson


Union Canal



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