Black Lives Matter

Edinburgh Art Festival stands firmly and actively against racism in any form. We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement (and aligned social justice movements), and commit to playing our part in advancing change.

The events of recent weeks have been a stark reminder of the structural inequalities and discrimination that underpin our society. We recognise the urgent need for change and are reflecting on our own organisation, identifying the ways in which we can actively contribute to strengthening equality and eradicating racism.
As an organisation we understand that we need to do more to strive to be open and inclusive in all aspects of our work. We have begun to actively review the ways in which structural racism affects our work – including recruitment, programming, participation, and governance.  

We are committed to identifying the ways in which we can better reflect and amplify the diverse voices of artists, audiences, and partners in our communities, both local and global.

We will keep you informed as we move forward through this process; outlining the changes and developments we will put into practice in the coming months. 

A few of the many organisations you can support:  

Black Lives Matter UK  |  Black Minds Matter  |  SCOREscotland  |  Young Saheliya  |  UK Black Pride  |  Stop Hate UK  |  StopWatch UK