Feeling Lost, Feeling Found– A Companion Compilation

Suitable for all ages

‘Feeling Lost, Feeling Found – A Companion Compilation’ highlights how Pester & Rossi’s artistic approach can help us to use creativity to welcome feeling lost; to embrace it’s arrival as a useful interruption; as feeling lost can often lead us to alter our course to new, unexpected and exciting places.

The ‘Companion Compilation’, complements ‘Finding Buoyancy – Sound Meditations’, developed by Pester & Rossi, in 2020-2021 in dialogue with Edinburgh Art Festival and WHALE Arts, in response to the Wester Hailes stretch of the Union Canal. ‘Finding Buoyancy’, explores ways we can connect to the environment to help us stay buoyant in uncertain times. The project includes a guided audio journey made by Pester & Rossi, featuring voices from Fallope & the Tubes, and invites WHALE Arts groups to listen, look closely and make creative responses whilst spending time at the canal in Wester Hailes. Their responses will be used to make a collaborative artwork. Download here.

You can also explore the audio version of this kit, featuring artist Nadia Rossi, and made in collaboration with visual describers. This audio can be used with or without the print or online packs. Listen here.

Edinburgh Art Festival · DIY – Art: Feeling Lost, Feeling Found