Drawing: Explore and Expand

Made with and for people with visual impairment 

Suitable for age 11+ (visually impaired and sighted people) 

‘Drawing: Explore and Expand’, devised by Louise K Fraser and visually impaired artists Anne Dignan, Kasia Jakimczuk and Alan McIntyre, is Edinburgh Art Festival’s first ‘DIY Art – Home Creativity Kit’ made with, and for, people with visual impairment.  

Together the artists worked through how materials and new techniques could be explored by visually impaired people in a home creativity kit. ‘Drawing: Explore and Expand’ through three building blocks, supports building confidence in materials, style, composition and ideas.  

The ‘Drawing: Explore and Expand’ – Home Creativity Kit is available to download in PDF, Pages and Microsoft Word. We recommend where possible downloading as a PDF. The Kit is also available in audio format, underneath the links to the downloads.

You can also explore the audio version of this kit on Soundcloud. This audio can be used with or without the print or online packs.

Supported by RS Macdonald Charitable Trust, with special thanks to Institut français d’Écosse.