Pester and Rossi: Finding Buoyancy

Glasgow-based artists Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi have worked collaboratively since 2008, producing live art, sculpture, installation, and public interventions and collaborations in response to people and place.

Pester and Rossi’s Finding Buoyancy was inspired by the Union Canal at Wester Hailes. Over the past year, the artists invited WHALE Arts groups and members to explore ways we can connect with nature on our doorstep ‘to help us stay afloat in uncertain times’.

For the festival, the artists presented a sited installation of sail banners at Bridge 8 Hub, which weaved together the voices and ideas of individuals who live, work, and play on the canal. Working alongside the local community, artist Sarah Kenchington, and Rhubaba Choir, the artists created a set of sail banners, a community raft called A Float for the Future, and penned a celebration song.

On Sunday 31 July, the artists presented Setting Sail – a launch event and special performance on board the canal boat Panacea in a collaborative artwork that reflected all who contributed to the project in a joyful celebration of people and place.

Download our DIY Art pack here, inspired by A Float for the Future, or read the associate text, written by artist and writer Timothea Armour below.

You can download this PDF here.

Supported by the PLACE Programme, a partnership between Edinburgh Festivals, The Scottish Government, the City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland. Special thanks to collaborators: Fallopé and The Tubes, Charlie Knox (TruDat Sound), Sarah Kenchington, Rhubaba Choir, WHALE Arts, Bridge 8Hub and The Sorted Project.