Selection of images of Maeve Redmond's work, installed on the Union Canal under Viewforth Bridge and on Leamington Lift Bridge. Photos: Sally Jubb Photography.

Maeve Redmond: The Mathematical River

Redmond was influenced by her archival research on the Union Canal’s construction. Titled The Mathematical River, this work honours the labour which allowed for the Canal to function as a key feature of the city for centuries. Partnering with local sign writer Tatch of Journeyman Signs, the pair created two sign paintings using a traditional technique which can only be learned through being taught by another signwriter. Through its emphasis on partnership, Redmond’s work interrogated the interplay between architecture and community.

Redmond’s signs were on display on Leamington Lift Bridge and under Bridge One at Viewforth.

Maeve Redmond is an independent graphic designer born in London and based in Glasgow. Redmond primarily works with artists, writers, and cultural organisations to design publications, billboards, campaigns, visual identities and websites. She has recently participated in group exhibitions and commissions for Cubitt Gallery London, Scottish Design Gallery, and V&A Dundee.