Selection of black and white images showing Janice Parker moving along Union Canal. Photos: Matthew Arthur Williams.

Janice Parker: Not Brittle, Not Rigid, Not Fixed

Not Brittle, Not Rigid, Not Fixed saw Janice Parker create a new series of solo works that explore the interplay between past and future, land and self. Each day between Sunday 14 August and Sunday 28 August, Parker moved once a day at a time that responded to the different rhythms of her body. Parker’s choreography leaned into the sensory elements of the Union Canal – the smells, sounds, textures – to investigate the role movement plays in our relationship to the natural world.

This work was accompanied by an online log which captured the encounters, conversations, and energies of each day, which was also published to our Twitter account.

As part of the process, Parker invited artists Matthew Arthur Williams and Audrey Grant to create responses to the movement. Images throughout the log below were created by Matthew Arthur Williams.

Janice Parker is a dance artist and choreographer based in Edinburgh. Known for her socially engaged practice, Parker works across art forms and media to create work concerned with people, place, and context. She has recently worked with The Edinburgh International Festival (2021), and The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (2021).