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Boris Bittker: Passing Through Zero

6 – 27 August 2011

Boris Bittker, Rome 1972

Boris Bittker (1916–2005) was a prominent American legal academician. A professor at Yale Law School, a prolific author of many textbooks and articles on tax law, he was also an accomplished photographer. Throughout his academic career he travelled to such diverse countries as Italy, Greece, Morocco, India and England. His passion for recording people and places has survived as a rare, complete and vast collection of photographs from the period.


Together, the photographs represent an exquisite personal chronicle of the countries he visited during the four decades from the 1950s. The collection has been lovingly restored and catalogued by his daughter, Susan.


Weds/Fri, 2.30–4.30pm;

Thurs/Sat, 10.30–4.30pm



50 Thistle Street North East Lane, EH2 1DA

0131 225 2093/ 07966 248 484


5 August 2011
Exhibition Preview: Boris Bittker