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Edinburgh College of Art: Tent Gallery

Somewhere in Time: Postliminal

4 – 26 August 2011

Valerie Dempsey & Ronald Boer, Beach Laboratory, 2010, installation

Somewhere in Time presents Postliminal, a group exhibition engaging with the idea of satellite and the broader connotations of the term. Selected artists have been invited from Scotland, the Netherlands, Japan and the USA to create new work in response to this theme.


Each work exhibited in the Tent Gallery has a corresponding piece, or satellite work, existing simultaneously in a different geographical location. These respective locations will provide an international context that allows for a periscope viewing of the wider exhibition. Artists’ individual work will span a diverse range of approaches and include a choreography for dust dispersal, a beach laboratory exploring the salt industry and a performative work tracing wind direction.


Participating artists: Chandra Casali-Bell & Jennifer Littlejohn; Valerie Dempsey & Ronald Boer; Eddy Van Mourik; Christine Morrison; Malize McBride; Rebecca Beachy; Shinya Aota; Yasunori Kawamatsu.


Somewhere in Time, initiated by artists Chandra Casali-Bell and Jennifer Littlejohn, is a collaborative project that aims to investigate both natural and artificial satellites, explore the wider context of satellite as a connecting resource and attempt to create sustainable dialogue between Edinburgh and other locations.


During the exhibition there will be a series of public events in collaboration with ASCUS, an Art – Science Collaborative, and the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh. The events will take the form of interactive workshops, talks and film screenings. The exhibition will also house an archival library of research and a visual catalogue of previous exhibitions and field studies connected to the project.


For further information about the activities of the project visit the gallery or the website


Additional Exhibition

Atsuo Hukuda: Colour and/or Monochrome

26 August – 4 September

A response to stoic philosophy of the antiquity of Japan. These works, one with gold foil, one with transparent medium, have been digitally analysed and materialised through process (analog), providing bipolar ‘points’ of experience.The work is not excessive. The work exists for a long time in silence.


Mon–Sun, 10–5pm


Edinburgh College of Art: Tent Gallery

Evolution House

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